Since it was established in 2005, BEL Aviation Group is one of the Russian fast growing aviation companies, with roots firmly integrated in both the Russian and Global Aviation Markets, BEL Aviation is not only seen as a executive charter broker and management company but as a pioneer in the future of private aviation.

From the days of simply offering an aircraft brokerage service, BEL Aviation have developed to specialise in Aircraft Charter, passenger and cargo , Aircraft Management and Aircraft Sales. These key areas of aviation make BEL Aviation one of the number of companies with the ability to fulfil every aspect of a client’s specific requirements. Where it is usual for many companies to succeed in one area of expertise, the flexibility of BEL Aviation offering all aviation services and differentiates us from competitors. All aspects of aviation business to be overlooked and undertaken by one company ensures a cost-effective aircraft operations. In 2006 году BEL Aviation went through ICAO accreditation process and three letter code (FOS) was assign to BEL Aviation Group. Flying with BEL Aviation you will reach any destination according to you schedule in total safety and privacy. We have a number of cargo and passenger aircraft immediately available for executive and corporate flights, cargo charters, to make unique cargo transportation or international business trip when time counts.

BEL Aviation is looking forward to meet the evolving needs of Russian and Europe-based operators and created the Flight Operations Centre placed in Moscow available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. From our location in Moscow, the fully certificated and equipped Flight Operations Centre supports to Russian and Europe-based operators in world wide flight operations.

Everything we do to gain a better understanding of our clients aviation needs is aimed at strengthening our many long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

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