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The BEL Aviation specialises in Russian and European passenger operations, flying to any Russian and European destinations. Chartering an executive aircraft allows you to achieve a schedule that would not otherwise be possible, maximising productivity and minimising hours lost away from the office. By using our VIP services you will enjoy a relaxed, reliable travel service, avoiding road congestion, rail cancellations and delays. Charter aircraft, whether aeroplane or helicopter, are immaculately maintained. Pilots generally have thousands of hours experience. Rest assured that your guests will be treated with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. We have access to number executive/business jets of Russian and Foreign carrier.
In a world of traffic jams, airport check-in queues and rail delays its refreshing to find that meeting a hectic schedule has never been easier to achieve, by taking advantage of regional or international airport.
- at regional airports passengers will be escorted directly to your waiting aircraft, board immediately and be on your way without delay.
- at international airports passengers will be guided through baggage check and passport control at a private terminal by an executive handling agent and driven directly airside to your waiting aircraft for departure.

It is surprisingly uncomplicated to organise and, particularly for private charter where prices are VAT-free, not as expensive as you might think. You may order a one-way trip, a same-day return or return at a later date.

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